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Donte Mearon, Chicago

Donte Mearon

Welcome to THROWiNG PAiNT.  Who, What, When, Where, Why & How I am the inventor of the life style/ art form known as THROWiNG PAiNT

It is a visually rewarding form of creative expression and there is always time and a place for THROWiNG PAiNT .  We love our loyal fans all over the world.  Apparel and greeting cards are sold in award winning neighborhood boutiques, and the most well known souvenir shops in Chicago.

THROWiNG PAiNT in Stores around Chicago.

THROWiNG PAiNT in Stores around Chicago.

Fine art paintings and THROWiNG PAiNT classes are gaining positive exposure in art galleries, team building events, and changing the way we experience art.

The Arts are my happy places.  They include: Music, food, dance, community, family, and unity.  It is a way of life that is not available to everyone and us over here at THROWiNG PAiNT reach a wide and diverse audience while at the same time one that shares a common bond.

By supporting THROWiNG PAiNT the creative net gets bigger and cast further into the World.  Talent will surface from the darkness, and elation will be present.